eBay Template Design

eBay Listing / Auction Template Design

What is an eBay Listing / Auction Template Design?

If you hope to make a splash in eBay sales, you’re going to have think carefully on the template design of the store you set up. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes a store because the template will determine how well your individual items up for sale or auction will be showcased. A good template design service like ours, if we may brag a little, will deliver a great looking template along with outstanding functionality. Both characteristics boost sales greatly, which many studies on template design have shown. Apart from giving customers a professional brand on eBay, our listing design gives customers the ability to access all the information they need with no trouble at all. When there’s no trouble afoot, a sale generally tends to quickly result.

eBay Listing Template design features:

  • 100% bespoke Design
  • Seller Logo Design
  • Search box customization
  • Image Preview/Enlarge option
  • Tabbed window for Store Policies
  • Links to feedback, contact, newsletter, contact, about Me page.
  • Buy it now button
  • E-Mail friend button.
  • Watch this item button
  • Perfect match with your eBay storefront and header.
  • Single image or super sizable thumbnail galleries. With more views available for each product.
  • Clear layout with paragraph for item description.
  • Product information tables & complex size charts.
  • eBay Store promotion with links and images to your store and categories.
  • Spam-free techniques to keep your listing out of trouble.
  • Search boxes and search links allowing cross merchandising.
  • eBay SEO optimized listing.

Benefits of a well-designed eBay template:

A good-looking and highly-functional listing template that’s also flexible and easy to tweak is almost a must if one hopes to have long-term success in the business, these days.

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking any old template will do, because it won’t!
  • Poorly-designed templates can hurt far more than they can help
  • A good template is also a very easy way to improve the “look” and status of your eBay store
  • Studies show that professional-looking eBay stores do far better than cobbled-together stores
  • Well-designed eBay templates can increase conversions significantly

Given all of the above, then; doesn’t it make sense to go with the best templates one can have designed? After all, a good template leads to a good eBay store which leads to greatly-enhanced eBay business prospects all around.


  • Do I really want to make money off of eBay sales or am I just happy with the status quo?
  • Am I afraid of increased sales and success as an eBay Powerseller (a coveted designation at the site)?
  • How serious am I about converting visits to my store into real and consistent sales?

The fact is that the new digital millennium is offering us an endless number of ways to make a real, definable and unlimited amount of income if only we have the courage to strike out and find it. The Internet is here to stay, and those who master it the best stand the greatest chance of long-term success.

We are the folks who can help you the questions you’ve asked yourself above. Don’t delay or dawdle, because more and more people are finding out that the way to master eBay is through a well-designed and highly-functional eBay template and eBay store.  Contact us now, and prepare yourself for success.