Are you doing enough to increase your conversion rate at eBay?


Opening up an eBay store is quick and easy, but the problem is that the basic store is just like everybody else’s store. Sure, you can go into business in just a few hours, but so can a million other people. You’ll get a little traffic and sell a few items just because of the venue, but if you want to generate real traffic and get a higher conversion rate, you have some work to do. There are several ways to lure more buyers to your web site (eBay and otherwise), and your success depends on attracting more visitors, and converting those visitors to paying customers. And beyond that, your success depends on making sure those paying customers continue to return time after time. Following a few simple rules will help you to increase your conversion rate.

Create a unique presentation

You may sell anything under the sun, but how you sell it is just as important as what you are selling. Two separate sellers may have the same product, but the one with the most unique and memorable web presence will make more sales—even with everything else being equal. Make sure you’re standing apart from the pack.

Add your own logo and tagline

You as a seller want to enjoy the benefits of being associated with eBay, but don’t rely on the eBay brand exclusively. The best strategy is to enjoy the advantage of the eBay brand, but create your own brand as well so you will enjoy double the branding power. Establish a unique design for your shop, complete with a logo and tagline, to reinforce your own positive brand.

Include pictures of your product

Pictures always speak more than thousand words. Take care with your background settings, and make sure the photos are always clear, and show the product from multiple angles. If the product is complex, you may even incorporate a web video to illustrate it from a more three-dimensional perspective.

Change is good

While some things—like your logo and brand—should always stay the same, the content of your store, the text, informative articles and blog entries, and the products themselves, must change over time. Give your visitors a reason to come back. They want to see new products! There is less incentive to return if visitors know you will always have the same things on sale. Reinforce your new product line with some e-mail and newsletter marketing.

Share information with buyers

Education-based marketing works well with an online audience. People who shop online expect the seller to provide more than just basic product information, they want full-length feature articles about the product—how it was made, where it comes from, and how to use it, and even entertaining features about people who are interested in the product line.

Stay in touch with your buyers

After you ship a product, stay in touch with your buyers. Don’t overdo it—daily or weekly marketing emails will seem too spammy. But a monthly customer newsletter is often welcome, especially if you offer witty and insightful commentary, and useful articles that are relevant to your audience. Keep them up to date about special sales and new products.

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