Data Feeds Upload To eBay

Data Feed uploads to eBay

For all your inventory data migration needs

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of products that you would like to list on eBay?

Are you an eBay seller who wants to upload several new items on a regular basis on eBay?

Listing numerous items on eBay isn’t easy. It requires knowledge of eBay’s policies and guidelines. You need to create a title, image and description for each and every item; each item has to mapped to a relevant eBay & store category; you need to fill out postage details, payment info, item specifics and … well! You get the picture! It can be quite frustrating!

Sellers sometimes spend several painful weeks and even months trying to manually list items on eBay.

We remove this problem for you by taking care of the entire inventory listing process to eBay. We lay the foundation to make your entry into eBay easier. We upload all your company’s data feeds, structure your eBay store’s inventory and do much more…

This is what we can do…

Inventory format conversion

If you are currently selling on a particular website and want to move all your items on eBay, we can help you get it done!

We format your inventory data to make it eBay compatible and then upload the inventory using file exchange or one of our eBay API tools to sequentially upload listings on eBay.

Even if you have products with multiple variations, we will convert them to suit eBay’s format before uploading them live.
While uploading your inventory, a listing template for each item can also be applied if you have one.

If you upload thousand items on eBay, won’t it be great if each item listing had your company’s branding attached to each of them?

A custom design template ensures that your eBay listings are professional and stand out from the rest.

We can do this for you! We can wrap each item listing with a custom designed HTML template.

Not only do we design a template for you that reflects your company’s branding, we apply that custom designed HTML template across all your eBay listings!

Multi-Variation Listings upload

Imagine you are selling one shoe in 7 sizes and 10 colours!

When there are several variations to a single item, you don’t have to list them all separately. Multi-variation listing can be tiresome. Leave it to us!

We can create multi-variation listing for you from your inventory data, so that your customers can select the desired size/colour from a drop down menu on eBay.

Data feed conversion

Your existing inventory (sent by your suppliers) may not be in an eBay ready format. For example, the item titles can be keyword stuffed to make use of eBay’s 85 character limit and the item descriptions need to be readable and detailed.

There are several eBay stores and thousands of products. How do you ensure that customers looking for a particular product range are guided to your eBay store? We ensure that each listing is mapped to a relevant eBay store category and an eBay category.

We can come up with meaningful titles and descriptions for your products so that we increase the chances of your eBay items appearing in relevant search results. As each eBay item title allows up to 80 characters in length, we try to make best use of 80 characters by adding relevant keywords so that your listings rank higher in the search results.
We can convert your data feeds from the following commonly known ecommerce softwares to eBay’s format and upload the items to eBay:

  • AMAZON store
  • NETO
  • Woocommerce and all other ecommerce softwares

Mapping files to product hierarchy

You may be selling several products. It is very difficult for a buyer to search for a desired product if it is not categorised efficiently.

We ensure that you give your customer a good shopping experience by mapping your products to relevant eBay store categories and eBay categories.

Mapping all products to the relevant eBay store categories will ensure that your eBay store is more streamlined and accessible. This leads to more traffic and better conversions!

Product re-pricing

When a seller moves thousands of products from one ecommerce platform to eBay, and wants to increase/decrease the price and offer a new listing price on eBay, what does he do? He cannot be expected to manually change each and every listing! That could take weeks!

We take care of our clients’ data migration by repricing their products in bulk, according to their requirements and the fees charged by the e-commerce provider.

All you need to do is tell us your business rules and we will apply it for all your listings in an instant!

Our Data Migration projects do not have a fixed fee since the scope of work involved varies for each task. Contact us to get a quote for your inventory upload task.

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