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Go Omnichannel in 7 Days or Less, at a Cost that is an absolute No-Brainer for Your Business

Singular Seller Dashboard to Sell on eBay, Amazon & a Website

An M2EPro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Setup Service by dZine-Hub

Expedited Setup | No Downtime | Minimally Invasive Setup & Ongoing Costs | Unaffected Sales History | Onboarding Support | Easy to Use DIY Dashboard


You Know You Need Omnichannel…

Do you sell on eBay and also Amazon? Maybe you sell through a website too? Selling across multiple channels, without an omnichannel platform, is nothing but a recipe for catastrophic seller disaster.

Manually managing your inventory, orders, shipments, invoices and your listings across multiple channels is a laborious task.

Not only does it take away precious time that you can otherwise spend on operating and growing your business, it is also a process that is prone to a high rate of human error.

These errors often turn out to be very costly. For example, by wrongly updating your stock levels, you must understand that you are not just making a simple inventory data-entry error but potentially damaging your reputation as a trusted seller and risking customer disengagement, when you accept a sale that is just impossible to fulfill.

While you might be able to manually login into seller dashboards across multiple channels and manage low sales volumes, it is IMPERATIVE that you switch to an Omnichannel platform when your sales are poised to grow.

An Omnichannel platform allows you to access a singular dashboard from where you can manage inventory, listings, invoices, shipments and more, across multiple marketplace channels.

But Choosing an Omnichannel Platform Seems So Intimidating…

While wanting to go omnichannel seems like an easy enough decision, you might have by now found that choosing an omnichannel platform is clearly not. There’s a plethora of SaaS based omnichannel software solutions out there, all claiming to provide the exact capabilities you need from an Omnichannel platform.

BUT,when you start to narrow down omnichannel platforms to only those that your business can actually afford, the choices quickly begin to dwindle down. Most SaaS based omnichannel platforms are exorbitantly priced, charging both obtrusively high fixed and transaction based fees. You must also be wary of lock-in contracts that will enslave your business to a cripplingly expensive omnichannel platform, for as long as two years!

Now, not all omnichannel solutions are out to fleece you! Some just charge you exorbitant prices because they give you a host of very advanced features. But what good are those features if you will never use them, being the small or medium sized e-commerce business that you are?

A Fully Capable Omnichannel Platform that Your Business Can Easily Afford, Quickly Have Setup & Use on Your Own

The M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem

When Magento, the world’s most used open source e-commerce platform is combined with M2ePro, Magento’s only native omnichannel integration extension, your business can enjoy a fully capable omnichannel platform whose costs you can feasibly and immediately absorb. With quick deployment in just days, with zero downtime and seller history unaffected, your business continuity is never challenged.

You Can Install the M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Yourself! or You can leave it to us, dZine-Hub, a seasoned Systems Integrator, to do it for you.


Go Omnichannel in 7 Days or Less dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Setup Service

Both Magento& the M2ePro extension can be installed by you or your team, on your own. But, it doesn’t come without its share of many daunting technical challenges.

Installation of the M2ePro extension, the Magento 2 back end, configuration of payment, shipping, return and description policies and synchronization of eBay & Amazon accounts and enabling of country specific Amazon and eBay marketplaces is a multi-step technical process that can pose several challenges along the way, if you don’t know what exactly you are doing.

Why M2EPro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem makes Perfect Sense for your Business

Sell on 30 Marketplaces,including eBay, Amazon & Walmart

With over 10 years of continuous R&D, M2ePro has evolved to become an omnichannel platform trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands. Major companies like Canon, Citizen, Benq and 3M use the M2ePro + Magento platform to sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and their own e-commerce websites, via a singular omnichannel dashboard.

Pay a Price Your Business Can Unmistakably Afford

Signing up for an omnichannel platform is an investment, but the price you pay for it doesn’t have to be an investment like amount!

With the M2EPro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem, the price you pay for a full-fledged omnichannel platform is so negligible that your business will never ever feel the cost pinch. With a simple pricing structure that proportionately scales with your monthly revenues, you always only pay a very small % proportion of your sales as a fee.

This fee roughly translates to 0.34% fee of your monthly sales. The low fees is simply unmatched in the omnichannel platform service industry, where prices can range from anywhere between 0.5% to as high as 5% of monthly sales! Besides low fees, the M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel ecosystem does not impose hidden charges, listing charges, connection charges or other dubious charges that deceptively increase the actual price you pay.

The fees you pay for the M2ePro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem is illustrated below, tiered according to monthly gross sales figures. Even just a glance will let you see how affordably priced the M2ePro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem is.

Omnichannel Platform Fees (Monthly)

Monthly Sales Volume

Easily Affordable

Obtrusively Expensive

< $10,000 FREE (Ask Us How) From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $50 to $500
$10,001 to $20,000 0.34% of sales, or $34 From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $50 to $500
$20,001 to $40,000 0.34% of sales, $68 From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $200 to $2,000
$40,001 to $60,000 0.34% of sales, $136 From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $300 to $3,000
$60,001 to $100,000 0.34% of sales, $204 From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $500 to $5000
$100,001 to $200,000 0.34% of sales, $340 From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $1,000 to $10,000
$200,001 to $400,000 0.34% of sales, $999 From 0.5% to 5% of sales, or from $2,000 to $20,000
$400,000 + Contact Us for Pricing Up to 5% of Sales
Listing Fees None Mostly Applicable
Retainer Fee None Mostly Applicable
Connection Charges None Mostly Applicable
Lock-In-Period None Mostly Applicable

Professionally Managed M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Setup

An Expert Systems Integrator Service by dZine-Hub

As mentioned earlier, the M2ePro + Magento platform is free to install, by just about anyone who wants to do it. The caveat is that there is a sophisticated technical process that requires overcoming several technical challenges such as reverse mapping, staging, testing and performing several rounds of troubleshooting, before a fully stable Omnichannel platform can be launched.

dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Setup Service solves that very technical problem for you, at a very affordable price. As a recognized Systems Integrator for the M2ePro platform, dZine-Hub understands how a value priced omnichannel platform should also be affordable to install, setup, customize and integrate with various marketplace payment, shipping, returns and description policies.

Using a team of experienced system integrators, dZine-Hub uses continually updated best practices to quickly but systematically create an omnichannel platform from where you can control listings, process orders and shipments and manage multiple country marketplace location seller accounts.

Besides installation, setup and testing, dZine-Hub’s affordably priced setup service also includes training and onboarding to orient you with the M2ePro + Magento ecosystem platform, replete with how-to video tutorials you can constantly revisit, until you get fully oriented with the system. Extended support is also available through skype, phone or email.

Hiring dZine-Hub to setup your M2ePro omnichannel platform is as easy as a phone call and a few emails. You simply make an executive decision to migrate to the M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem and dZine-Hub delivers a turnkey Omnichannel platform solution that is customized, tested and ready for stable use, in a matter of days from today.

dZine-Hub’s Professional M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Setup Includes

  • Inventory setup across multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more
  • Always synchronizing inventory levels, across all channels
  • Customized pick/pack lists & invoice setup
  • Customizable product attribution, to help you segment your many products

Go Omnichannel in 7 Days or Less

Setup Your M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem

Call dZine-Hub at +44 (161) 408-37726 or

More Reasons to Choose M2ePro + Magento as your Omnichannel Platform

1. No Lock-In Periods

M2ePro does not lock you in to a contract. You are free to use it for as short or as long as you wish. There are no penalties to leave and no connection fees to join.

The same can’t be said of other omnichannel platforms that have lock-in periods, some up to 2 years. Can you imagine paying high prices to use an Omnichannel platform, only to be asked to pay even more money to leave them, when you finally realize that signing up with them wasn’t feasible in the first place?

With M2ePro’s no-lock-in clause and their unmatched affordable pricing, choosing an omnichannel platform has never been an easier decision.

2. Enhanced Amazon Functionality

One of the reasons why Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace is because of the multitude of power selling options they give their sellers. With dZine-Hub setting up your M2ePro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem, you shall be able to take full advantage of power tools like Amazon re-pricer, Amazon FBA and Amazon Prime related services.

3. Live Listing Duplication

Most omnichannel platforms require an extensive prepping, compiling and formatting of your existing live listings, to then collate and again make compatible with their systems, before finally making them live on their platforms. As you can imagine, it can be an enormously time-consuming task that can significantly delay your transition to an omnichannel platform. Also, such compatibility setups are services that you must generally pay for, with costs that sometimes run into thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento setup service includes live listing duplication. What this essentially means is that dZine-Hub’s setup service will include a convenient duplication of your live listings from whichever marketplace you operate in. Once duplicated, your listings can be easily mirrored onto marketplaces that you specify. The result is an easy, error-free and extremely quick live listing duplication, to greatly expedite your transition to an omnichannel platform.

dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento Ecosystem Setup Service

Custom Omnichannel Requirements | Bespoke Solutions | 100% Satisfied Clients

dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem service is a 100% bespoke service. Circumstances before a critical migration to an omnichannel platform are vastly different and vary from client to client. No matter how custom, unusual or technically demanding the impending move may be, dZine-Hub can puts its specialized System Integrator experience to precision use, delivering turnkey omnichannel platform solutions that fulfill your every need.

Here’s just a sampling of recent work we have delivered to clients who came to us with demanding omnichannel platform setup requirements.

Client #1

Automotive Vendor

  • Number of SKUs: 7709
  • Previously selling on: eBay UK, eBay France & eBay Italy
  • Previously using omnichannel platform: No
  • Requirement: Single platform to sell on multiple eBay marketplaces + Amazon FR
  • Omnichannel Platform delivered in: 4 Days

What dZine-Hub did?

dZine-Hub first set up a Vanilla Magento 2 installation and then installed the M2ePro extension on it. Listings were mapped from eBay to the Magento 2 back-end. Magento 2 was then synchronized with Amazon FR, after a customized synchronization of profiles and policies to comply with the Amazon FR marketplace.


What the client had to say about dZine-Hub’s omnichannel delivery

Going Omnichannel in 7 Days is as Easy as 1, 2,3 with dZine-Hub

With dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem setup service, your transition to accessing a fully functional omnichannel platform, in just 7 days, is an easy 3 step process.

Step 1

Contact Us

You contact us through our contact form.

Step 2

Discovery Call

A dZine-Hub Systems Integrator Account Management calls you. The discover call will allow dZine-Hub to understand your omnichannel requirements, your current omnichannel setup (if applicable), your new marketplace listing requirements.

Step 3


dZine-Hub, after careful analysis of your omnichannel requirements, sends you through proposal to deliver a turnkey omnichannel solution. Such a proposal shall include executive summary, project plan and delivery and review milestones for the following: design, development, configuration, integration, testing and deployment.

Proposal shall also include project cost, payment schedule and clauses that detail the extent and nature of support that shall be provide.


That’s it!

3 Easy Steps & 7 Days Later, Your Omnichannel Platform is Ready to Use!

Once you contractually hire dZine-Hub to deliver your custom omnichannel platform, we do the rest, delivering a fully tested and 100% stable omnichannel platform, in the time-frame we promised, at the affordable cost we quoted upfront.

Login to your Omnichannel Platform as Early as  two weeks from today

dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Setup Includes Support & Onboarding

Despite the incredible convenience an omnichannel platform can offer once we deliver it to you, we understand how anxious you might be to begin using the new platform to upload, update or modify listings.

This is why we at dZine-Hub go the extra mile to create screen recorded videos to help you understand how to perform basic tasks on the omnichannel platform we have created for you.

We also offer ad-hoc support through email / phone or Skype, as and when you need it.

With dZine-Hub, there’s never a need to worry about your omnichannel platform. Help is just moments away.

Still Deliberating a Move to an Omnichannel Platform?


You are Just 7 Days Away from Using a Fully Functional and Cost-Effective Omnichannel Platform

Setup Your M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem

Call dZine-Hub at +44 (161) 408-37726


FAQ About dZine-Hub’s M2ePro + Magento Omnichannel Ecosystem Service

  • Why do I have to pay dZine-Hub a one-time setup fee when M2ePro + Magento is free to install and setup?

    While both Magento and the M2ePro extension are free to install and setup, installation, setup, integration and synchronization is a process that requires specialized technical expertise. dZine-Hub offers this specialized Systems Integrator service for an affordable one-time fee. By paying for this service, you are assured of a professionally installed, setup and tested omnichannel platform delivered to you, ready for use, in a matter of days.

  • How long will setup take?

    It is virtually impossible for dZine-Hub to give you a time estimate without knowing what your exact omnichannel requirements are. But, in most cases, we deliver a turnkey omnichannel platform solution in 7 days or less. If it will take more time, the same shall be communicated to you, at the time of submitting a proposal.

  • Will I have to re-work my listings, to make it compatible for the M2ePro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem?

    Absolutely not. dZine-hub uses your live listings to duplicate or mirror your listings onto all marketplaces you choose to operate on, using the M2ePro + Magento ecosystem.

  • What is M2ePro’s pricing?

    As described earlier on this page, M2ePro charges you a low 0.34% of your monthly sales volume as fees to use the M2ePro extension. If your sales volume is less than $10,000, M2ePro is free to use.
    Please note that dZine-Hub’s setup service costs are not related to M2ePro pricing. They are two separate components. dZine-Hub’s setup costs are onetime costs while M2ePro’s pricing model is recurring and based on your monthly sales. dZine-Hub does not in any way increase or decrease the price you pay to M2ePro and does not in any way share any fees charged by M2ePro.
    Also, the fees you pay dZine-Hub is pertinent only to the nature of the technical service of installation, setup, integration and synchronization of the M2ePro extension with a Magento 2 backend and not in any way connected to the continuity or quality of services offered by the M2ePro extension.

  • Will my sales history on eBay or Amazon be affected, if I chose M2ePro + Magento as my choice of Omnichannel platform?

    Absolutely not. Your sales history remains unaffected. There is absolutely no downtime or loss of business continuity when dZine-Hub creates an omnichannel platform for you, using the M2ePro + Magento ecosystem.

  • Will I be able to use the M2ePro + Magento omnichannel platform delivered by dZine-Hub on my own, without assistance?

    Yes, the M2ePro + Magento omnichannel ecosystem delivered by dZine-Hub shall be easy to use, on your own, without any assistance. Even still, dZine-Hub shall deliver screen recorded video tutorials to show you how to perform basic tasks. dZine-Hub shall also extend support through email, skype and on the phone, to assist you with any omnichannel related queries you might have. This support shall be extended for a period of 3 months after delivering your omnichannel platform, unless otherwise specified in the proposal we send before you contract us to build your omnichannel platform.






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