Magento Monthly Maintenance

Magento Monthly Maintenance

Give your magento site the health check it needs every month

Running an online business with a pro-actively managed magento website is better than fixing errors as and when they occur. You need to ensure the website runs the latest version for the e-commerce software version, the underlying operating system, php version, database, etc.,

Better safe than sorry. A hack attempt on any website is inevitable. We do our our best by minimizing the chances of an attack as far as possible.

What is included…

Daily fixes:

  • Security patch installations (for Magento 1)
  • New version upgrade scope assessment (for Magento 1 and Magento 2)
  • Fix remote access login activity

Bi-monthly tasks:

  • Scanning for updates, patches, malware, etc.,
  • Full Security audit
  • Database backup
  • Core files modification check
  • Cron job check, reindex/caching check
  • Review disk space and bandwidth usage
  • Review server capacity

Monthly tasks:

  • Detailed security scan
  • Complete website backup (stored for the last six months)
  • Log files clean up
  • Cache files clean up
  • Extension health check and suggestions
  • Database optimization (clearing URL rewrites, logs, etc)
  • Review & inspect exceptions and error logs
  • Orphan images check and cleanup (disk space optimization)
  • Suggestions for page speed optimizations
  • Monthly report submission

£100 per month (3-4 hours @£30/hour)

Typically suited for websites having ~5000 products

Terms and Conditions:

  1. When you are signing up for our maintenance plan, you are given access to our magento support portal, where you can raise tickets or ask questions on your magento website.
  2. We do not guarantee that your website can never be hacked or brought down by external sources. No website can be safe from a hacking attempt. Here, we are trying our best to “prevent” possible website hacks/failures, and in the event of one, then try to restore it as soon as possible.
  3. The maintenance plans do not include price of restoring a website in the event of a hack. Some websites take a few minutes while some bigger websites take several hours to restore. The restoration task will be billed separately, and is not part of the maintenance package.
  4. We do not take responsibility for the loss of revenue during the downtime of a website upgrade or in the unlikely  event that a website is under attack.
  5. Our support timings are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri GMT, via our support ticket portal.
  6. For telephone support, please schedule a suitable time with any of our agents, via the support portal.
  7. The scope work is 3-4 hours of maintenance activity per website, per month, based on an average of 5000 products per website. Websites with large number of SKUs or higher traffic will need customized maintenance plans. Contact us for more details.
  8. Any additional development or customization tasks would be charged at our hourly rate.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not warrant or represent that our maintenance services will result in increased sales, revenues, profits or customers, specific lead or traffic generation, sales, profitability or any other outcomes.