How Maxtouch’s eBay store got the attention it deserved

Maxtouch is a UK based company that supplies high quality hand-made jewellery through their eBay store. They offer lead and nickel free pewter jewellery including pendants, necklaces, talismans, celtic bracelets, gift sets and many more items.

Neeraj Bharadwaj of Maxtouch contacted us with a request to design their eBay store. We wanted the eBay store to reflect the company’s branding and draw in as much attention to the site by highlighting unique products and features of their eBay store.

This is how we did it.

More category levels in a single click with our mega-menu!

Max touch has several products and classifications within each category. In a single category of “Pendants”, they further have classifications of “Celtic”, “Goth”, “Knitted”, “Magical” and so on.


When an eBay store has several categories, it is best to save a customer time by giving them a mega-menu to choose from.

A customer who is looking for Celtic Pendants doesn’t have to click on “pendants” be transfered to another page and look further for “celtic pendants”. Through the mega-menu with level 2 and 3 categories,the customer can just skim through the category and select the exact specification that he/she is looking for.

A rotating banner slider – So no great product/feature is missed

Max touch prides itself on being the market leaders in hand-made jewellery in the UK. They possess unique products and offer interesting deals that can entice a customer. We decided to showcase their best products and deals on a prominent space on their eBay store home page.


The rotating banner slider is great to announce to the world what the store is all about and also gives the store the opportunity to showcase their best products and unique deals.

Automatic updates to listings with dynamic categories

When an eBay seller changes a shop category, he/she has to change it in every listing and this takes several hours of grappling with HTML code. We made the maxtouch’s life easier by enabling dynamic categories on his eBay store. This way, every time a category is added, deleted or modified, the seller does not to have to manually alter the category in the listings. The new store category is automatically updated in all active listings.

Mobile responsive listing for shoppers on the go!

The world is shopping on the go. This fast paced world uses mobile phones for browsing and shopping. More than 60% of eBay sales are done from a hand held device. We had to make sure that mobile users have a good shopping experience.

With mobile optimised eBay listings, the images are blown up to make it visible and only relevant information is displayed in large fonts. This saves time and energy for the shopper and provides a pleasant shopping experience without having to pinch and squint at a shrunk page!

We made sure that maxtouch’s customers who are mobile users can access the store on any device, platform or eBay app. This way, the eBay store is made accessible and versatile.

Listing template customized for Bright Pearl

Maxtouch uses the seller tool Bright Pearl. Like many eBay sellers, they prefer using a seller tool through which they can manage their eBay store without logging in to eBay.

We created custom tags and customised our listing template to Bright Pearl and added it to the custom listing template section. Maxtouch need not alter HTML code to include our designs. They can apply our design across all listings in just a click, by selecting the dZine hub template!

We enjoyed working on Maxtouch’s eBay store and exploring ways to maximise their reach and impact.

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