How we gave Case Style’s eBay store a complete overhaul

Case Style is a UK based seller of mobile phones/PC tablet cases and accessories. They have a popular eBay store, offering more than 850 items. For the past 6 years, they have been providing a global market with top of the line protection and enhancement gear for mobile phones.

When Harry from Case Style contacted us, he wanted an attractive design that portrayed their brand identity and at the same time was sleek and navigable.

This is what we did to Case Style’s eBay store

Important information at a glance with a rotating banner slider

We wanted to create a good first impression with powerful visual impact. A customer must want to continue browsing the eBay store.


Case Style offered unique products that we highlighted. Additional products, company guarantees, brands etc were also announced with the help of a rotating banner slider.

Quicker navigation and more category levels with a horizontal menu

Case Style has many brands and categories, sub-categories. If a customer is looking for something specific, he/she would normally have to click through many levels to finally reach the exact product page. There is a risk that a customer could leave the eBay store as a result.

We didn’t want that to happen!…


We created a horizontal menu with multiple categories displayed so that a customers can easily find EXACTLY what sub-category they are looking for by just hovering. The menu opens up to show 2nd and 3rd level categories and the customer can go straight to the product listing instead of going step by step!

Mobile responsive listing for 21st century shopping!

It is hard to imagine a smartphone-less world! 60% of ebay sales are done through a hand-held device. It was important for us to make Case Style’s eBay store, conducive for mobile shoppers.

We ensured that all their listings are mobile optimised, so that only relevant information is displayed in large fonts and product images clearly visible. This stripped down version has only the data a customer needs to make a purchase and removes the non-essentials. It is compatible with any platform, device or configuration making it usable virtually anywhere!

Showcasing best selling products with a special scroller

Case Style has best sellers that are uniquely crafted. Why not showcase that? We created a special scroller to showcase their eBay store’s best selling products with image boxes for easy recognition.

Any customer who is looking for similar products can instantly recognise them and go directly to the listing, without wasting time.

Announcing new arrivals with a scrolling banner


Case Style constantly updates their eBay store with new products such as new mobile devices, models etc. A customer who is looking for covers for the latest iPhone, can find it instantly on the homepage of the eBay store with our scrolling banner that displays Case Style’s latest products. It saves time for a customer who is looking for the latest deal!

Inkfrog customised listing template

Like many eBay sellers, Case Style uses Inkfrog to manage their eBay store without having to log in to eBay every time.

We customised our listing template to Inkfrog by adding custom tags. This means that the seller doesn’t have to edit the HTML manually. He can just choose the available dZine-hub template from a drop down in Inkfrog to apply our design across all their listings in just a click!

We enjoyed exploring ways to make Case Style’s eBay store eye-catching and navigable

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