How we made Letour cycle’s eBay store accessible to the world!

Letour cycles have been supplying top end cycles and cycling related merchandise for the past 30 years. All their products are purchased from Australian distributors and have a 100% warranty.

When Letour cycles approached us for a design, we noticed that their eBay store was not mobile optimised. As they have a diverse clientele, the possibility of people browsing their store on a hand-held device is very high. Also, 60% of all eBay sales are done through a hand-held device!

Why miss out on a huge majority of shoppers just because the eBay store isn’t mobile friendly?

A mobile responsive template for the modern shopper!

We decided to give Letour cycles a smart mobile optimised listing template for their eBay store.

When the listings are not mobile responsive, the images and text are bunched up together and the entire content shrinks to fit the screen. This leads to the buyer having to pinch and scroll excessively and is a bad user experience.

We ensured that the stripped down mobile friendly version was available so that buyers can instantly view descriptions and purchase comfortably. The images and calls for action appear prominently, giving the buyer relevant product information only.

The eBay listings, once mobile optimised, are accessible on any platform, device or configuration and the full version is available on computer screens, thereby ensuring the best of both worlds and covering virtually anyone browsing the eBay store.

With the number of smartphones increasing in the market and with more people buying on the move, mobile responsive listing is the way to go! It is customer friendly and offers a pleasant shopping experience.

DZ Lister to make the seller’s life easier!

Customising the description section of your item with a design template makes it look more professional and attractive. But not all customers know HTML coding to be able to do that. Doesn’t matter!

We made this customisation possible with a tool we developed – the dZ lister.

It is an easy to use page. A customer just needs to fill in title, image and description and the same fields reflect on the listing page!

This is a free service that customers can use! We don’t host the design images on our server and the customer is not locked down to a provider as such.

We enjoyed working with Letour cycles and giving them an eBay store that is easily accessible from anywhere on the planet!

If you would like to get your eBay listing template compatible for any mobile device, configuration or platform, we can do it for you at the cost of £ 150.Give us a call at +44 (161) 408- 3726 (UK) or drop us a line at We would love to hear from you!

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