The best way to use eBay’s Newsletter feature

After you sell something through your eBay store, your job is not done!

You have entered into a relationship with your buyer. You must build this relationship through cross sells, up-sells, monthly newsletters, offers, discounts, deals etc. This will help you build your customer base and strengthen your business.

But eBay’s strict policy does not allow you to share your email i.d or communicate any way outside eBay.

So how do you communicate with your customers?

eBay’s Newsletter’s feature

Not many people know this, but eBay has a little known newsletter feature that is effective in building your subscriber base. If you use  it efficiently, you can build your brand and connect with more customers. 

Promote newsletter signups to your store and listings. Unlike a regular newsletter software, there is no automatic way to “send an email” to customers asking them to sign up for your newsletter.

All you can do is make them click a link to your store and listings, asking them to sign up for your newsletter. So, make the offer attractive. Use good design and eye catching elements that reflect your company’s branding, so that customers are drawn in to subscribe to your newsletter.

Piggy back on eBay’s emails!

Did you know that eBay sends 4 emails to your customer when a purchase is made? They send emails for Item purchased, payment received, items shipped and feedback received. Click on this link to access these 4 emails.

Make use of these standard emails to promote a newsletter sign-up. You can customise these emails to offer incentives to your buyers, thereby convincing them to sign-up for your newsletter.

So, we aren’t saying that building a subscriber base to your newsletter is easy. It does take considerable time and effort. But is it worth it? Absolutely!

So what do you do after several customers subscribe to your newsletter? How do you make sure you keep them interested. Stay tuned next week to learn how you can engage with your customers actively once they are on board! See you soon.

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