What is eBay’s Identity Confirmation Process and why is it so important?

Here is a scary story you don’t want to be in…

Mr. X takes complete control over your eBay account. He changes the password so you are locked out. He changes the paypal account details and gets paid for all your sales. He later removes all your listings, uploads his and retains your eBay profile (which has a good feedback score and patronage). Mr. X gets rich and famous and your hard work over the years is wasted. You lose your money, your customers and your brand.

There are many Mr. Xs out there waiting for an opportunity like this. Don’t become another victim.

eBay’s identity confirmation process requires your phone number to be synced to eBay. Your identity is confirmed when you first log into your account.

eBay provides an extra layer of security to your store through this feature. Every time your account is accessed from a different IP/Computer, eBay calls your registered mobile number for a confirmation. This way, nobody other than you can access your eBay account and manipulate it EVEN if they have your password! It doesn’t get more foolproof than that!

eBay also allows you to choose at what level this security feature must appear. It can either prompt a confirmation request when the account is accessed from another IP/Computer or it can prompt a request when you edit your listings data and now when you normally log in and browse your store!

Your business needs to be secure today! eBay’s identity confirmation process is a great way to ensure this.

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